Well, we’re a month into 2016 if you can believe that.  Before you know it, spring will be blooming and summer will be around the corner waving to us all.  Time doesn’t slow down for anyone.  In fact, it seems to do just the opposite and speed up with each passing year.  I say all of this to ask you a simple question: Are you planning ahead for your business?  Like time, technology and consumer habits are updating and changing at a rapid pace.  As we sit here and flip our calendars to February, thinking about your business plans and strategies for summer may not seem all that important.  I’d like to argue against that train of thought.  It isn’t too early.  In my opinion, it’s never too early.  If you aren’t planning ahead, I assure you that your competitors are.  Gaining market share and customer loyalty is a race.  It is about who can pull ahead, who is planning ahead and able to grab the attention of the consumer and provide them with excellent goods or services.  Not only that, but it’s about working to stay in front of them after the transaction is over.


This is an area where a solid digital marketing campaign can excel.  You can journey along with your customers from the very beginning and onward.  You can not only encourage them to learn more about you, but once they do, you can remind them of what it was they enjoyed so much, or saw the value in.  You really can travel with them throughout the stages of the sales cycle and create that loyalty and retention in ways that no other medium can.  So as we head into month number two of 2016, I encourage to start thinking ahead, to think about what is coming down the road.  It really is never too early to do this. If we can be of any assistance, we’re only a click away!

#WeAreVelocity and together, we can #moveforward.

Cheers to a great new year!

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