Velocity offers a full suite of display advertising capabilities and premium inventory ranging from positions, one of South Mississippi’s top news and information sites, to our Premium News Network, an exclusive ad network of top local news sites that only Velocity can offer you. Whether you are looking to create strong brand awareness for your business or service, or if you are in need of a razor sharp, targeted campaign, Velocity has the ability to deliver your message to your audience at just the right time, whether that audience is purely local, or even nationwide!




 “Mobile” isn’t a digital advertising buzzword for no reason. Did you know that 1 in every 3 minutes spent online is done so on a mobile device?*(ComScore Multiscreen Report 2013). It’s a good thing that Velocity’s mobile capabilities are top notch! From Sun Herald’s mobile apps to our robust network of national apps and mobile sites, we can connect you to your audience and tag along wherever they go! If you seek just one city block, an entire region or the entire country, our mobile capabilities are cutting edge, precise and produce great results.




tabletTablets are the fastest growing product in history. In fact, 84% of smartphone and tablet owners use these devices while watching TV.*(Nielsen 2014). Our dynamic tablet network allows you to run campaigns not just Coast wide, but as far reaching or as highly geo-targeted as you need.

Mobile travels at the speed of life, so with a dynamic smart phone and tablet campaign, your messages will be able to #keepmovingwithout a hitch!

Targeted Email


Targeted Email HiRes Icon-01

Do you have a message you want to send?  A special offer or event that you want to promote?  We've got you covered!  Our integrated and targeted email campaigns are a perfect way to reach an audience who is already engaged with your message. Our unique double opt-in process means that our audience has already expressed interest in receiving information.  It is a fantastic way to reach a targeted audience in an engaging, interactive, efficient and cost effective manner. #signsealeddelivered!




Video: It’s where it’s at. 77% of the times that viewers watch TV, it’s with another device: 49% watch with a smart phone and 34% watch on a PC/laptop.* (Google: The New Multi Screen World). If you already have a commercial produced, then have it pull double duty! Place your ad in an uncluttered environment where you will be the only video ad to appear instead of being lost in a string multiple ads. Whether it be on our exciting pre-roll network, or as part of our YouTube True View platform (did you know that YouTube reaches more 18-34 year olds than any other cable network?* – (US Statistics, Nielsen 3 Month Average Dec 2013 to Feb 2014), we’ll place your video content in front of an audience who is primed to see it!





“Location, location, location!” is no longer solely tied to good real estate advice. In the world of information searches, your location is just as vital. Let us put together a custom search engine marketing campaign for you! We’ll work with you to create a set of keywords that is the perfect fit for your business or service and provide optimization recommendations and detailed reporting throughout the life of the campaign.

Together, we will work to help you #moveonup!





There are over 829 million daily active users on Facebook*( Over 500 million Tweets are sent every day*(Twitter). Are you in the mix? Through our extensive online reputation management, we can help set the tone for your social presence by giving recommendations on how to improve your visibility on various social media platforms and even assist you in weekly posts for your business.

Don’t let your product or service go unnoticed. Sign up for social media marketing and #jointheparty


Customized Reporting



Do you have long term goals in mind? We’ve got your back! We can provide customized reporting and tracking for your advertising campaign. At Velocity, we’re in the business of optimizing your time and your budget. Through our customized tracking dashboard, we’re able to tell you not only how well your campaign is performing, but how well each individual piece of your campaign is performing! Do you want to know what pages of your website visitors go to the most? Consider it done! How about demographic information on your callers? We can do that too! We’ll be able to make recommendations and optimizations in real time whenever they are needed.