We’re back…although we never left.

It’s been a while, folks.  I’m the first to admit it.  2016 brought with it an abundance of (healthy) challenges that saw us taking over and taking care of dozens upon dozens of campaigns.  It has been an exciting adventure to say the least!  We aim to come back quarterly with our latest thoughts on the digital ecosystem and to share a few insights that may be useful to your business.

Now that we’re heading into the home stretch of the year, the 4th quarter is making itself known with gusto.  It felt a bit odd when we found ourselves planning for the holidays and preparing our strategies through the end of the year.  The question is: Have you started your holiday/end of the year strategy?  It might be easy to dismiss, as we’re still in September with relative heat indices in the mid-90’s.  But, it’s not too early.  In fact, we’re getting dangerously close to being too late.  Kantar released a study showing that retail sales across the board are expected to climb by 3.8% this year (read the full article here).  We all know that many customers begin their shopping journey online and wind up in stores. Have you thought about how digital can be used to break through the clutter and speak to your customers?  Cookie cutters are always a welcome site around the holiday season, but not when it comes to your digital marketing strategies.  A customized plan targeted toward your business and your customer base is the best way to combat the surge of commercial messages that are just moments away from being on our every device.  Give us a call!  We’re here to help you plan and together, we can have the best holiday season yet!

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